Saturday, February 11, 2012

Occupy Rallies At Democratic Convention

The day started at the Civic Center, aka 'Freedom Plaza' and proceeded with a march to 5th and E Street in the gas lamp district of downtown San Diego. Here occupiers put down soap boxes and stood on top of them, reading of events that happened a 100 years ago on the same corner. How the Wobblies who fought for free speech and equal rights, were persecuted, beaten and prisoned by the police. I talked about how women deserve equal rights, equal pay, equal say and the right to choose what to do with their bodies. Others spoke about the NDAA bill recently passed, that banks got bailed and people did not.

We rallied on the corner for an hour and then marched over to Children's Park, where we were greeted by many people. We rested for a short time and regrouped to march over to the convention center. There were about 150 plus people that participated in the rally at the convention center where the Democratic Convention was being held. We chanted 'Shits fucked up, shits fucked up and bullshit.' People attending the meeting were in awe of the amount of people that showed up for the occupy movement. Another chant was 'Democrats come out we have something to talk about.'

One man did come out and talk to us. He said he was running for the 50th district and wanted us to know he supported us and has even attended some of our rallies and functions. He said 'there are al ot of people inside that are for you, but there are also a lot of people inside that are against you.' He said that he would fight for what we stand for and want out of our politicians. Many other people gave us thumbs up and talked to us. Overall people seemed to be receptive of our messages and what we stood for. Many also talked about their concern for the NDAA bill.

After the rally the group marched through gas lamp on 5th street up to Balboa Park for lunch, GA, breakout sessions and dinner. The food was awesome and people had showed up all the way from Occupy Napa. A bus load of about fifty people showed from Occupy LA and many other occupations had occupiers present. It was a successful day and showed the solidarity between groups in the Southern California area. The Democrats have now been woken up in California that Occupy is still here. We have great concerns about what is going on in Congress and we are not going away.