Monday, February 6, 2012

Occupy SoCal Conference Sat. February 11, 2012

First Occupy SoCal Conference this Saturday, to be held in San Diego. The event begins at the Civic Center and will consist of marches, free speech speak outs on corners through out San Diego, break out groups, lunch, GA, dinner, socializing, music and open mic.

Occupy San Diego is still here. We are not going anywhere. We have a mission, to make change happen, no matter the work involved or how long it takes. We know it takes passion, purpose and power in numbers to change things. We know we have to work with other occupations.

Join us and start using your own voice and tell your story. We all have had different upbringings and experiences in life and will not always agree on everything. But what we can agree on is, all people deserve a decent life, happiness, health care, shelter, food, clothing and love.