Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Are Men Running Women's Non-Profits?

Did you know, men have greater clarity on how women's bodies work? Wow what a concept! Guess what else men know, how to run women's non-profit organizations? Who in the blank is better apt at running a women's based organization, a man or women? Well if you'd ask me, I would say a women! But that's not what the PPFA, Pro-Life Action League believes. Anti-Abortion activist Eric Scheidler is their President and was featured on the Young Turks broadcast last night. Boy is he an idiot.

Last night Eric Scheidler told Ana Kasparian, the co-host of the show 'Young Turks' that Planned Parenthood does not do breast cancer screenings. That is why the Susan B. Komen foundation will no longer support Planned Parenthood, because they want their money to go directly to helping women. Do you know how many breast screenings Planned Parenthood does a year? In 2010, they did 1.6 million cancer screenings.

It is mind boggling that a women's organization such as the Susan G. Komen, or any women's organization would allow a man to be president or in charge of making decisions. Not only making decisions, but to be able to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, life or any aspect of a women's life. This is my body and life, no man is ever going to tell me what to do with any aspect of my life. Ever! I have been dealing with a very abusive situation for at least ten years regarding a man who lied to me.

Men like Eric Scheidler should not be making decisions about what a woman, can and cannot do with her body. All men need to be barred from any decision making regarding abortion. It is up to a woman, what her choice will be regarding the situation. People that want to rear their ugly hands, mouths and roar like lions telling women abortion is wrong. Need to sit down and shut up and take care of their own matters. Hey Eric you made a big mistake. Time for you to be fired or resign!

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