Friday, February 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Targets Poor For His Own Agenda of Fame

Are the poor the only ones that use drugs? No! The rich and middle class also use drugs that are legal and illegal. Mitt Romney, who has lost the last three primaries to another right wing wacko, Rick Santorum, needs to save face to put his un-American campaign back on track, was asked, should welfare recipients be drug tested. Well good old mormon most honest Romney said, 'Yes.'

Romney, whose religion bans you from drinking caffeine, that is located in products such as coke, pepsi, and other sodas, also owns companies that sell the same poison, they say is forbidden. What a concept, tell your congregation something is a no no, but sell it to the rest of the world and make money off it. This is called being a fanatical hypocrite, and many politicians, corporations and churches do it everyday! The pharmaceutical companies get people hooked on 'legal' drugs everyday and destroy peoples lives. Drugs that are just as deadly or worse than illegal drugs. What a weird world we live in!

So Mitt Romney wants to drug test welfare recipients, who already are oppressed by the 1% and churches that convert people into numb, followers of others deranged ways of living. If Romney wants to test those on welfare, I say lets test all politicians, corporate CEO's, the 1% and well why in the heck don't we just say all people should be tested and make this a fair deal to all Americans. What do you think about that Mr. I am such a godly, good, great, goon of being perfect, honest and the right idiot to be President and tell Americans what they can and cannot do.