Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sound of Silence

Lying is done with words and also with silence. ~~~ Adrienne Rich

I found this article at Fire Dog Lake and it resonated with my life. Catholic Hierarchy's Lack of Response To Abuse of Women by "Project Prevention" We live in a Man's world. All major religions were created by a man, Not a woman. Women are second class citizens in religion and life. The sad part of this whole mess, is women who claim to be Women's Right's Advocates side with men many times. Which keeps the vicious cycle of oppressing women, in a forward motion.

My participation in the Occupy movement, opened my eyes to where the real problem is in this country and the world. Many people are mad at Wall Street and Big Banks. But it is individual people, in these organizations, that have contributed to destroying others, not the organization itself. Life is full of these people and they all don't work on Wall Street or in Big Banks. They could be your father, brother, or women's rights activist sitting next to you.

The abuse of women problem, starts at home and within, most religious organizations around the world. Anyone  who believes a woman should not be paid the same as a man, for the same job, is a woman abuser. Any religion that believes a man cannot date or talk to women, before they make some big commitment, is an extremely abusive organization and should be protested. Anyone that believes, women should not have, absolute choice over their body and decision's, is a woman abuser.

We are not going to win the War on Women, until women stop participating in other women's abuse and stop being silent about it. People get themselves involved in situations, without getting all the facts and contribute to the oppression of women, when they think they are helping them. Silence is not an option when it comes to advancing the women's rights movement. You must stand up and speak out.

I saw these little punk cowards picking on defenseless people and I knew they needed to come to justice.  ~~~ Nick Ring UFC Fighter