Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is Sarah Palin Planning To Run For President

It has been quiet on the Palin Ponderosa, over the past year. I have only posted a few articles about this cat lady, who spewed a speech of 'I love you America and I am your girl' at CPAC. Over at Politicususa, Leah Burton says, Sarah Palin's game is still on. If you thought Sarah Palin had faded into the wild blue yonder, you are wrong. The Cat lady is back and ready to attack the good old boys with her sharp claws and Alaskan drawl. So watch out Romney, Gingrich and Santorum the cat lady has returned and she is ready to take you all down!

I took my eyes off this broad and truly thought there was no way she could become President. But it looks like all the male GOP scumbags running for President, don't look that promising and the GOP strategist think they need to bring Sarah Palin back into the limelight. The God loving, newspaper reading, foreign affairs expert and economic wizard who lives up in the great state of Alaska, might still be a viable candidate! Yikes I say, that is a scary thing. Run for the hills this lady will take away all women's rights.