Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review of The 1st Occupy San Diego Summit

Yesterday I walked from the civic center up to Balboa Park, to the Centro Cultural de la Raza. The round building use to be a water tower, now painted with bright colors and used as a cultural arts building for the community. Inside the building was a commemorative of the Wobblies, who in 1912 stood on free speech boxes, on the corners of downtown San Diego. The first corner they stood on was 5th and E street. This coming Wed. Feb. 8th at 6pm there is a reenactment of the 1912 free speech fight. (Click for info here).

A 100 years later, a new free speech group has entered the arena, standing up and speaking out against the injustices and broken governmental system in America. They are called Occupy. Yesterday commenced the first Summit of Occupy San Diego. Workshops were held inside and outside the Centro Cultural de la Raza. Lunch was served at noon, with donated pizza's, salads, baked goods, fresh fruit, sandwiches, cookies, goodies and lots more. The day long event of workshops and food was FREE!

Where can you go to workshops and eat for free these days? Nowhere! Speakers donated their time, because they believe in the occupy movement and want to share their knowledge. People like Judy donate food, especially healthy food, because they believe Big Ag, Big Pharm and Big Insurance are the problem. These big companies feed crap to the poor, then the poor take pills to help the crap digest and when their body systems breakdown, they need insurance they do not have to see a doctor. A viscous circle of abuse by big business.

The Saturday GA (General Assembly) was held at 1pm inside the cultural building. About a 100 people circled around the moderator and speakers. A mic was used, that many from the occupy movement feel is not needed. But when the group grows they need to think about a few things. When speaking, having people to your back does not work well. They cannot hear you or see what you might be presenting, so they could miss out on important things you might have to say. Also many people have hearing problems and when a mic is not used or properly used the same would be true.

The GA began with comments from the audience of what they look forward to in the occupy movement. Big events that are coming up are, March 1st when students plan on walking out of classrooms at colleges around the country. May 1st when the 99%, walk out of their job for the day to show the 1%, they don't own anyone. Raul Carranza and his continued efforts to make the medical field wake up, to his need for a 24/7 care taker and all others in his situation. Creating more summits for the general public.

People talked about sustainability and how we can make that happen. A FM Radio Station that is occupy related. Many people talked about the need for outreaching to the public on who and what we are about. Brian talked about the need to be reflective and develop strong individuals, with a whole lot of internal strength. Hex talked about systemic change inside and outside the system. Dave talked about the need for yard signs, flyer's, and shirts with occupy on them. Martha about a cultural celebration and to think globally and the importance of a living wage.

It was a day full of ideas, learning, making new friends and eating good food. If anyone thinks the occupy movement is going away, they are wrong. If anyone thinks the occupy movement is about destruction and violence they are wrong. It is about people coming together creating a new community, that helps, cares and shares with each other. It is a movement that is strong and is developing strong individuals that will stand up and fight back against injustice and corruption at all levels. 'We are occupy, we are never gonna die, when you try to take our stuff, were only gonna multiply.'