Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sarah Palin Still 'Fooling' People

Three years and eleven months ago Sarah Palin told Alaskans, she was pregnant. This news was shocking to many people, including her husband that slept in the same bed, her children, friends and staff that worked for her, as Governor of Alaska. There were no signs of pregnancy. No bump in the stomach, no doctors visits, no pictures, nothing. In April of 2008 Sarah Palins Five Day Pregnancy.

I campaigned for President Obama in 2008. My first time getting involved in politics, all because of Sarah Palin. In her first speech to the GOP, I knew this lady was a liar! More than a liar, a dirty player in the political arena. Sarah Palin, who said rape victims, should pay for their own rape kits and then lied about saying that, is not a woman that represents me at all. I have no respect for this scoundrel.

To be honest I truly thought this broad would be hung out on a line for all her lies, but I have learned differently. It is obvious she is backed by big money and in bed with the Koch Brothers. Sarah Palin is again being honored as Woman on the year 2012 by Clare Booth Luce, as a woman, others should look up to. Sarah Palin has fooled the world and will continue to, until the money wagon stops delivering to her bank account and her bed buddies don't get laid anymore!