Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Occupy SoCal Conference Info., Ride Share, Couch/Room Share

Be part of making history in 2012. The Democratic Convention is headed to San Diego and Occupy San Diego and many other Occupations through out Southern California are gearing up for a day of action, marches, rallies, workshops, music, food and fun. This is an event not to miss and a great way to find out what the occupy movement is all about. Don't be shy, afraid or timid. It's time to pull those activist boots, hats and signs out of your closet and participate in the new civil rights movement called 'Occupy.'

The fun begins at 9:30am at the Civic Center 'Freedom Plaza' in downtown San Diego. The event will proceed up to Balboa Park on 6th Street (Stay tuned for exact directions). Parking options: at Horton Plaza located a couple blocks from the Civic Center, you can park for three hours for free, as long as you validate your ticket in machines located through out the plaza (no purchase is necessary). You can drop people off at Civic Center and park your car at the Balboa location and be shuttled back to Civic Center. A day bus/trolley pass is $5.

Click on the red through out the article for more information. Occupy San Diego SoCal Summits list of events and times. Join us for the whole day or show up when you can. Bring family and friends and introduce them to Occupy. If you are driving down from other areas in Southern California and have room to pick occupiers up go to Occupy Ride Share or if you need a ride from any where to San Diego also go to Occupy Ride Share. If you are looking for a couch or room to crash for the night, go to Occupy a Couch/Room and if you have a couch or room to offer, also go to Occupy Couch/Room.

F11 held Saturday Feb. 11, is the first SoCal Summit of 2012 and will be an event you will not want to miss. If you have never been to an Occupy event, this is the one to check out. If it's been a long time since you have participated in occupy, due to whatever, come back and join us. At least ten other occupations are sending people down to participate in this day of action. Meet new friends, eat two meals for free, that will be prepared by health conscious people, march with your favorite signs, speak out in open mic, attend a GA, listen to music, attend workshops and find out what Occupy stands for and has planned for the coming months.