Friday, October 28, 2011

We Need You at Occupy San Diego at 8:30am

San Diego supporters of Occupy San Diego we will be gathering at the civic center at 8:30am to reunite after being raided by San Diego police officers at 2am with no warning. Over 40 demonstrators were arrested during the raid last night, homeless peoples belonings thrown away, people's arms twisted with brutal force and possibly broken.

Not only was the civic center raided so was childrens park. Donations from generous people around San Diego county were thrown away, medical supplies destroyed and tossed. People hauled away like cattle just for sleeping in the civic center. We have been non-violent and will continue to be, but we will not take brutal force from the police anymore.

We are angry and will not shut up, but use our voices to tell our stories. What happened last night was actions from cowards that attacked people that feed more homeless in a day than all other charties in San Diego do in a week. We have been providing a safe place for people to sleep that normally are harassed by the cops. We have helped people with basic needs such as soap, tooth paste, vitamins, shampoo, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, clothes and the list goes on.

What is wrong with our country? What have we been doing to deserve this nasty disrespectful treatment. If you have money you get away with all dirty deeds, but if you do not you are raided and terrorized. People you need to step up and speak out against police states and this utter power trip by the San Diego Mayor and city council. These people can't even answer your phone calls or questions, they hide like cowards.