Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Downtown San Diego City Council Walks Out on Occupy San Diego

The chanting started and the room erupted shouting, We Are The 99%, after a member from Occupy San Diego read a statement stating the groups demands. Tony Young, President of city council in downtown San Diego was irritated that the speaker went over her allotted time. He decided to skip the next speaker and the occupy San Diego group did not like that.

The eyes of the council members were wide and off guard, to be honest they looked a little scared at what they were witnessing. Tony Young and council members, except Marti Emerald walked out of the room. At the same time we were informed that the police were gathering in numbers and surrounding our one tent. But that turned out to be false information which seems to happen alot.

As I watched the meeting it was obvious that Tony Young did not have alot of respect for the general public and their voices. He made many sarcastic comments and did not pay attention to what was being said most of the time. Other members on the council were also very distracted by eating and talking to each other that I am sure they did not hear what half the people voiced opinions about.

These people are public servants working for the people of San Diego. We voted these people into office and we can also recall and vote them out. It is time to stand up against all public servants that are not in our best interest. I called the Mayor and City Council Offices today 619-236-6330 Fax: 619-236-7228 emial:jerrysanders@sandiego.com and voiced my disappointment in their walk out.

I urged the Mayor to support Occupy San Diego and also the council members. I feel it is time to start a petition of recall against all San Diego council members that will not support our movement and allow us tents and other necessities for our occupation. Observing the way many operated in the chambers today of city council I do not expect their behavior to change, but I could be wrong.

Also on the agenda today at the council meeting they talked about the addition to the Convention Center. People from various walks talked about the negative effect it would have on hotel workers and people in San Diego County that would have to pay taxes to build this addition. But the Hotel Owners would not have to contribute a cent of their own money. What a bunch of bullshit!