Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am Live @ San Diego Occupy Police Raided Us Last Night

I have been participating in Occupy San Diego for over two weeks now. There have been many false alarms regarding the police, but tonight was not one of them. I was asleep on a cot in the nurses tent when I woke to police marching in with gas mask, batons and guns. Withing a minute they were demanding we leave or they would take action. I saw two people escorted for no reason directly into one of the many police vehicles surrounding the Civic Center in Downtown San Diego.

There were at least 100 officers on the ground in the first group. As I headed out of the Civic Center it was getting very ugly. At least 45 people have been arrested and not sure how many brutal beaten or injured due to police brutality. As I stood outside the civic center calling friends on the phone involved in this movement, another 30 to 40 police cars had their sirens on and were heading to the civic center as backup.

I have never seen anything like this before. It was a very quiet night and nothing to provoke a police force of this magnitude to come and terrorize us like this. I have been polite and have treated the cops with respect and dignity. But after what I saw this morning I have no respect for any officer in a uniform. These men and women have characters of jack asses.

Yesterday I again called the San Diego Mayor and City Council office asking for their support. I asked the young lady that answered the phone if she could answer a few questions. Why do you not support Occupy San Diego and what can we do to get your support. The person that answered the phone did not have one answer or response except I will pass this message on.

There have been no actions within this movement to ignite such a forceful and violent attack on our rights. Orange County, California unanimously voted to pass a law to allow their occupiers tents and even offered to give them extra blankets or whatever they needed. What on earth does this prove to the people of San Diego, California, the country and world? It proves we are governed by a police state. We are slaves to their law and not the constitutional law.

I urge anyone that lives in San Diego to come to the civic center today and protest with us and give your support. We need you, we want you and we need to show the police force of San Diego they do no own us. Please I implore to stop thinking you are not part of the 99% and come down today or tonight and help us protest and show that 99% of the people have power and we will not sit down and shut up.